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    Image Map of JPG not Accessing or Importing Media

    RickNoll Level 1

      I am trying to link WMV file to image maps on a jpg file in a CHM created by RoboHelp 9. It looks like it is working, and if I preview the page, the links work. But when I generate the finished CHM file, the media is not accessable. I went back to the Project Manager and saw that the media was not imported in to the project. I wen to the Windows File Manager and found the media in the right area of the project. I tried importing as Media and as File. I tried as Baggage file as well... selecting the file in the destination listing. Anybody know how to do this?


      WIN7 TCS 3.5

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          RickNoll Level 1

          OK. I added the WMV files as Baggage files and then linked them and output a new CHM file... this worked. Guess you have to do things a little different in linking media to image maps versus hyperlinks. Anyone know what the little grren area on the Baggage icon indicates?



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            RickNoll Level 1

            Incidently, making drop down jpg files work with an image map requires the same thing, they have to be added as baggage files. This has allowed me to screen grab the software interface I am documenting and then have clickable menu names and buttons that would show a Tier 1 level jpg drop down appear. In Photoshop I looked at the file size and in RoboHelp chose to limit a custom popup size for these jpg files. They actually make the image map look like live software within the help file. I am putting this in as a way for the student or user to be able to learn by doing as to where commands and options are within the software, without having the software. I have just used video demonstrations but that doesn't let the user interact. This interaction could be used for testing or games later on I hope. The software is $28K and requires a USB key to work so mimicing the software was the only option I could think of here.


            I would like to add voice over to each of these jpg files but I think I might have to put them into Captivate to incorporate audio that would describe the various functions. Would this be the best or easiest way? I was hoping that you might be able to hyperlink or image map two dissimilar objects at the same time, what with how powerful our computers are nowadays.

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              johndaigle Level 4

              Hi, RickNoll

              The green squiggle mark on the Baggage file indicates that you apparently dragged it into RoboHelp from the Resource Manager. This creates a "Link" (the green squiggle doesn't do it justice!) which means that if the source .wmv file is edited, that mark will turn red indicating that you have the option of right-clicking to bring in the updated file. If you don't want it linked, then you can right-click and remove the link.


              As for your multimedia solution, that was very imaginative! While most anything is possible in RoboHelp with a workaround or scripting, frankly I would opt for a Captivate solution. My colleague, Rick Stone is an chum of .CHMs so he may chime in with a different view.