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    I don't understand how to sign in to Revel using Google or Facebook


      You told me to sign in with Google or Facebook but my mailing address is different on those app then the one that you got conneted to your company when I sign up on Adobe Revel. The address i sign up with is email1 NOTemail2.  Plus i have already paid for the upgrade to your company last year.

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          I have deleted your emails from the post because it would likely get you too much spam from automated programs.

          Can you please clarify what upgrade you are referring to?



          Here is a comprehensive explanation of Facebook and Google sign in:


          Some users prefer to login to Revel using Facebook or Google and post directly into the programs. If you want to post photos directly to Facebook or Google, but login using your Adobe ID, then you will need to ensure that both Revel (which uses your Adobe ID) and the account you are posting to are using the same email address.


          When you sign in to Revel, it is possible to sign in using the email you use for your adobe id, or the email you use to login to facebook, or google. (see image below). When you log in with Google or Facebook, even though it looks like Revel is asking for your password, it is actually a Google/Facebook webpage asking you. By design, for your security, Revel and Adobe never touch or store your Facebook/Google password.



          If your emails are all the same, then you can reset all 3 accounts to have the same password if you desire.

          If you logged into Revel for the first time with Google or Facebook but would rather login to Revel using your adobe id, and you use the same email for your Adobe ID, you can log out of Revel, log back in using your adobe id (which will fail since you have never used it) and then select reset password. You can change your Adobe ID password to match either your facebook or google one (or make all 3 the same if you choose). This only works if you use the same email for the accounts.



          If you use different emails for Facebook, Google, and your Adobe ID and you want to post from Revel to Facebook or Google, then you should make the login email addresses the same. You can either change your Facebook/Google email in their website to match your Adobe ID, or you can change your email associated with your Adobe ID in Adobe.com to match the email you use for Google/Facebook.


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