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    Objects/text in pdf from InDesing in Windows looks strange on a mac


      Hey people,


      I really hope someone can help me.


      I'm having problems with the pdf documents I create in InDesign CS5 in Windows, when they are viewed in Safari or Firefox on a mac.


      I export as high quality print and haven't made any other changes in the presets area. They look completely fine in Apple viewer and if you download the pdf files on a mac but when you view them in a browser some of the text is missing, or the text is altered to commas and question marks.

      The objects appear very aggressive in colour where the transparency is actually set to 10%, and sometimes a coloured semi-transparent box appears on top of text boxes.


      I have made sure that all text boxes are brought to the front layer.


      Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong while exporting or could this actually be a browser problem on a mac?


      Hope to hear from you, thanks.