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    CS6 can't see my font and I already put in Adobe's font folder


      Hello my company purchased the Futura font family for me. InDesign CS6 ( and also Illustrator) is not seeing this font. I have put the font in my program files>common files>adobe>fonts and also in the windows font folder.  If I open a file that someone else created with Futura the font is pink and I have to go and replace it. If I create a new file and use Futura, save it and then reopen it ID can see the font and it’s not pink.  Why are some files able to see the font and others can not? This font was not already installed on my computer prior to the purchase.  Does anyone know how I can get ID and AI to see this font so I do not have to continually find and replace my font?  Thanks in advance for any help.