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    Adobe not properly downloading


      First, I am experiencing the same problem as mike2950 in that, after downloading the newest version of Flashplayer back in February, I can't watch video in IE but I can in Chrome. (My OS is Windows 7 with Explorer 9.) In the interim, I have uninstalled Adobe and re-downloaded it but the problem remains.


      Today, I downloaded Explorer 10 (thinking the newer version would better support the newest version of Flash Player). Instead, when I attempted to download Flash Player, it only installed halfway before giving me a message telling me to shut down IE and ID Vault (Norton). This, in itself, is a new development and has never occurred during previous downloads of new versions. But, after exiting IE and turning off ID Vault, the message still indicates that ID Vault is open and I cannot continue with the Adobe download. I have attempted to download Flash Player several times this afternoon and the same thing keeps happening each time.


      Flash Player version 11.6.602.180 is indicated as installed on my hard drive as of 3/12/13 but the link you provided to mike2950 gives me a blank box (no animation, etc.) indicating that it's not on my computer.


      I'm going crazy here. Can you help?  Thanks.