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    Adobe acrobat XI Pro & Excel 2013


      FIrst, is Adobe Acrobat XI Pro fully compatible with Office 2013?  I downloaded the trial version but it does not recognize Excel as a supported format.  With my old (9) version I could select a group of Excel spreadsheets and then right-click and choose 'combine supported files in Acrobat'; the only option I get with this new version (and my new version of Excel) is 'convert to Adobe PDF'; this creates a seperate pdf file for each spreadsheet that I have chosen.


      One note: I was using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro with Excel 2007.  I upgraded to Excel 2013 and tried using Adobe Acrobat 9 with it but it did not work properly so I thought I would test AA XI Pro; I am having the same issues with it.


      Hope someone can help me as I use this program a lot to create large files containing numerous Excel spreadsheets!


      Thank you,