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    Keyboard input problem

      I have been building a Flex application using Flex 3 SDK Beta 2. I have run into a very anoying problem and I can't seem to find a solution.
      I have several TextInput controls scattered around my application. I would love if these fields could accept special characters as input. This does not seem to work though. I cant enter danish special characters and I am having problems with most of the other latin special characters too. Does anyone have experience with this type of problem?

      EDIT: The plot thickens. It seems that this problem only applies to Flash Player 9 for Linux. I don't have this problem when running Flash Player 9 for Windows.
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          Peter deHaan Level 4

          Which version of the Flash Player are you using on Linux?
          Also, are you using an Input Method Editor (IME)?

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            madsmao Level 1
            I am using revision 48 of Flash Player 9.0 for Linux. It's seems a bit strange though, because I am using Ubuntu 6.06 at the office and I am running 7.04 at home. Settings seem to be the same (keyboard layout, locale and language) but I am running a newer version of Firefox at home and in a chrooted 32-bit environment as opposed to running a 32-bit version depending on some 32-bit libraries.
            I think I will have to search for a solution way outside the scope of Flash Player and the Flex SDK in this case.
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              Peter deHaan Level 4

              Have you tried a more recent version of Flash Player for Linux? http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer9.html

              I know the Flash Player team is doing a great job fixing issues with the Linux version of the player.
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                madsmao Level 1
                I could try with another version, but the r48 seems to be the latest debug version of the Flash Player for Linux. I could try one of the non-debug version, but I really don't think Flash Player is responsible, since I have it working fine on another Linux box with the same version of the player. I think it is much more likely to be an issue with some of the 32-bit libs I use.
                Thanks for your input though.