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    Full width image on page.

    DanCurtis Level 1



      How do you get a scaleable full width image on a page as the one on www.petloc.se (a site created in muse). When using the rectangle tool and selecting scale to fill my image pixilated like crazy, even when using large images (bigger than 1920px wide). Please advise as how the have done it on petloc.se as this is exactly the style I want.


      Many Thanks

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          iamDK Level 3

          that is exactly how you do it. Make a rectangle and change the fill, 'select scale to fill' or original and then select the position. It might go pixely while it loads the image but if you optimize the image better it will load faster. What are the file sizes of the images you are using? You should be able to optimize really big images to under 500k.


          If you have done all of that it could be a bug.

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            flatpack-music Level 1

            how do you 'make a rectangle' that resizes with the browser? surely a rectangle with a fill setting will stay the same as the browser moves around it, no?

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              iamDK Level 3

              If you make the rectangle touch the far edges of the canvas area it will span width or resize with the browser.

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                flatpack-music Level 1



                they do keep tucking away features we don't know about don't they? or maybe i'm not paying enough attention!


                thank you.

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                  iamDK Level 3

                  Ya. I am starting to think that a lot of people are having a problem finding all of the tutorials Adobe has for Muse, because they do have a lot, outlining pretty much everything you can do with Muse.


                  Maybe they need to better structure the site so the learning materials are easier to find?

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                    cje.churchill Level 1

                    Your method does not work for me.
                    I created a rectangle, filled with an image, selected scale to fill. But it doesn adust with the browser. It just creates a horizontal scroll bar....

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                      cje.churchill Level 1

                      Sorry, it does. I just needed to reduce the size of the image and it is fine now.

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                        Bishop2563 Level 1

                        I have tried using the rectangle and filling it with an image with no iisue. I am also able to scale to ful width no problem.


                        The issue i have now is I cannot add alt text to the rectangle because it is not an image box.
                        When i try using an image box , which allows alt text, i now cannot have the image go full width to the browser.
                        Only give me the resize ofption of reposnive width and height and not just width like the rectangle.


                        The largest breakpoint i have is 1400px and in Muse, the image is full screen, but when i preview it it is not...
                        Anyway i can use an image box instead of the rectangle, have it resize the same way, and add alt text? Theres seems to be a trade off.
                        Im just trying to add alt text to the strips i have in all the pages. Thanks


                        What i currently have (rectangles filled with images)




                        Im trying to simply swap out the rectangles for image boxes, have them scale them the same and add alt text. Any tips guys? thanks? Been looking on forums for a while now. Thanks.