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    Programatically Change Canvas?

      I'll try to word this question as best as possible. Lets say I want to display an RSS feed within my application. How can I dynamically add items to my canvas, based on how many items I have in my RSS feed?

      Basically, I want to create a template canvas that has the feed Name, site, link, description. And then, have that canvas display as many times as it needs to.

      Any advice or tutorials, or google searches would be great! Thanks.
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          atta707 Level 2
          The so called Template Canvas of yours would be "Custom Component" in flex speak. So search on that team in flex builder and you'll find plenty of stuff.

          One you've your custom component. You can use it as a "Custom Renderer" for, let's just say, a List control. So there you have another concept to dig into.

          If you are not interested in lists, you can look into Repeater component or VBox.

          I hope this helps you get started!