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    Bloating issue in CS6 after exporting sequence


      I'm a FCP user migrating to premiere. For now i have been using the trial version 6.0 in my Macbook pro 4 core 2,3Ghz intel i7. I'm dealing for more than 24h with bloating issue: suddenly, the project don't save neither opens anymore. If i wait for the saving process to end, it blows up the project file to hundreds of Mb.


      It's a small commercial project and happened the first time after I exported the sequence without using already rendered files. I had to delete the rendered files in order to work again normally (ie premiere saving and opening correctly). For the last hours it happened 2  more times, blocking  the computer!!! This is completely unacceptable in a pro software. And I'm already completely aprehensive in continuing the edit like this in adobe workflow.


      I don't have any stabilization fx, only a few timing fx, and it is a small project file (around 29 mb). I disabled the autosave after it happend the first time.


      Does this issue has a real solution? Was it corrected in the newer update of CS6 ?