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    exporting to dreamweaver

      I've posted this in the Dreamweaver forum as well - not sure who is the best to answer this.

      We are trying to find out if it's possible to design a web page in Fireworks (CS3) and export it into Dreamweaver (again, CS3). We're very new to the whole thing (obviously), but are trying to learn the best we can. Is this possible or not, and if it is, what is the best way to do it.

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          RJ_web Level 1
          it can be sliced up, there is a tutorial on adobe development center on this I beleive
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            weyq2 Level 1
            Yes, we've done the exporting thing, but, of course, we need to add username and password fields once the whole page is in Dreamweaver, and this becomes a problem. We can't make the whole page a background image because we have 6 buttons that have to work (and do once we get them into DW). So, to add the username and password fields changes everything and we get those wonderful blank spaces I've been reading about.

            Any other ideas? Please?
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              Vince DiStefano
              Designing in Fireworks and flowing it into Dreamweaver is one of the fundamental benefits of using these two software products; they were meant to work together. Unfortunately for you, there's no shortcut around learning the fundamentals of coding pages. You have to kind of know what you want on the HTML side before you define and export your slices. Once the images are sliced and exported, and you open the exported HTML page in Dreamweaver, you're still not done. Some sliced areas you''ll want to remove (i.e., a solid white graphic where you expect to place textual content) and set table fill colors. Or, for "stretchy" designs you'll want to locate a horizontal or vertical slice and specify it as a cell background for the areas that need to stretch.

              So, in your design, you should mock-up a username/password area, and define it in a stand-alone slice that will be your vertically-expandable content area. Once in Dreamweaver, delete this graphic. Replace with real form code.

              This all takes some time, practice, and reading. It's worth it in the end. It's my workflow for every single site I've designed, such as www.cookforest.com - which contains some more advanced elements (such as the random ads on each page, and the search engine) which were added after the initial design/slice/export in Fireworks.

              Oh, and when you do get your template sliced just right, save it as a generic template in Dreamweaver, and make judicious use of server includes to handle things like navigation and commonly-used but prone to change page elements such as footers.

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                Good information.   I'm doing a website and the comps have examples of individual images for the borders, corners etc.  I'm trying to figure out how to do this in Fireworks, then export to Dreamweaver,  hoping this is the workflow.. I'll be looking for tutorials on this as well.  someone said there are some on the Above site.