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    Searching with New Custom Tags




      I am working with CQ build 20130129


      I have successfully created new tags in a new namespace and activated them. Then assigned these new tags to some pages in the geometrixx demo site.


      Using CRXDE I have extended the search panel in site admin by adding my new tag's namespace to the below location




      under optionsPath property I added "etc/tags/mytags" which refers to the new tags


      Going into the site admin again, in the search panel I can search using my new tags as filters however when the results are returned, no pages that are using my new tags are returned when I am expecting results


      Has anyone experienced this problem or know if I am missing a step or not ?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi CCWC,


          Steps seems correct.

          *  Go to [1].

          *  Clear Slow & Popular Queries

          *  From siteadmin Search again

          *  GO to [1] and verify the query



          [1]   http://<host>:<port>/system/console/jmx/com.adobe.granite%3Atype%3DQueryStat




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            CCWC19 Level 1

            Hello Sham,


            Thanks for your reply , I tried this and it did sort of help out the problem. I was getting results now but they are still not the result I am expecting.


            below is an example.


            Create the following tag structure







            Now if I create the following page structuce and tag each page with the above corrisponding tag







            After all this I do a search in website admin search panel, If I check the tag filter "school" it will auto check "teachers" and "students" which I am expecting, however when I run the search it will only return the pages "teachers" and "students" and NOT the page "school" which I would have expected the search to return.


            Let me know if I have the wrong assumption here or if this is a problem with the search, Thanks you

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              aklimets Adobe Employee

              I think that's how the tagoptions facet works: it will do a search for all the checked child tags, but it will not search for MyTags:school here. If you want a different behaviour, you might want to overlay that component or create your own one.