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    Too much to ask? Windows 8 epub reader + Adobe DRM...

    tictag.two Level 1

      Hello all,


      Is it just too much to ask to read an Adobe DRM protected epub document in a nice metro-friendly Windows 8 interface (which Adobe Digital Editions most certainly is not)?


      I have spent hours today looking for that little Holy Grail The only Windows applications I could find that would open Adobe DRM epubs (in addition to Adobe Digital Editions, of course) was Neosoar and Copia, neither of which qualify as a nice metro-friendly interface. Don't get me wrong, lots of nice Windows epub readers out there e.g. Freda, Kobo, Calibre but they'll be damned if they're going to interface with Adobe DRM!


      I've bought the book; I just want to read it without fighting Adobe DRM at every turn. Any light on the horizon?




      ...and what about Microsoft Reader? Did they even mean to publish that? My ear wax provides more utility than that app.