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    Strange behavior using username/password


      Hello all,


      This is a strange one, and in all the years I've been using CF (since beta) I haven't run across it.. but I'll give it a whirl here.


      I have a server with 3 databases/datasources on it.   Each are for their own web site.


      All three are MS Access databases (quit laughing).


      One of those databases does NOT have a username/password set up on it,  and it works perfectly.


      Two of them DO have username/passwords set up on them,  and they have been giving 'cannot connect to database' errors over the past week now.


      The problem isn't in the coding,  or in the CF setup itself, because they work fine for a couple days.. then suddenly they stop working.


      Since the only real difference between the 'working' and 'non-working' datasources is that the one's that don't work have username/passwords set up,  could that be causing the problem?


      I'm not sure what would cause it..  kind of 'grasping at straws' at this point.   My sites are hosted on a 3rd party hosting service that has worked fantastic for me for well over a year now.   These two datasources that are failing are relatively new, within the past month or so they were put online.


      As I type this,  the site 'without' the user/pass is up and running without a hiccup.. and the two sites that do use the username/password are down.


      Just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue.


      Thanks in advance!