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    capture image to edit in PS Touch


      Can I scan an image into Touch? Can I print an image from Touch after edit? My photos are 100 years old and do not exist in any cloud. I just need to scan, add a name and date then print in a booklet form for cousins. Seems pretty simple to me.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          I know with the right tools (software and hardware), you can scan a photo into your device. For example, Epson's iPrint app lets me scan a photo into my Motorola Xoom (using my Epson Wi-Fi all-in-one). I can then take that and import it into PS Touch as usual.


          I can also do the same for printing, simply by "sharing" the PS Touch project out to Epson iPrint, which will set the project up for printing right from the tablet.


          For booket form? That's probably beyond the scope for most apps (at least right now). Your best bet is to upload the project(s) to Creative Cloud and then open them up in desktop Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements, which I bellieve has a "multiple image page" format).

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            pbc1234 Level 1

            Best answer yet. Thanks. What's wrong w/Adobe that they are unable to

            explain this? And if Epson can do it why can't Adobe do it also. Bogus!

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Well, to be honest, I'd prefer it that way, mostly because it allows the software apps to be modular with hardware.


              PS Touch is also really in its infancy. I bought the app on day one and it's evolved quite a bit and I'm sure it's not done yet. If I remember correctly, you couldn't "share" a PS Touch project with Epson's app when PS Touch was first released; you had to basically export the project *first* and *then* use Epson's app to print. With the recent version of PS Touch, you can now do it immediately from within PS Touch. That's a big step (and a time saver).

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                pbc1234 Level 1

                I need to talk to someone about my whole tablet - photo - email -  apps

                thing. I am not getting anywhere on tablet issues while trying to get Adobe

                questions answered. Where can I get help about owning a tablet and which of

                them and what I can expect to do. I see Android coming a long way in 2

                years but should I give up my new tablet and go back to Win 8 and a

                laptop????? Who can I email for help?

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                  Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                  What's your tablet make and model? (I'm assuming it uses Android as its OS.) Windows 8 is in its infancy right now; Windows RT has caused some confusion amongst consumers simply because it's a different OS made just for mobile devices such as tablets. That will probably change as time passes...maybe.


                  In a nutshell: No matter what OS/tablet you have, think of your tablet as an extension of your desktop, more as a compliment rather than as a replacement.


                  The trend I'm seeing now is people are slowly migrating to tablets rather than laptops while they're on the move since tablets are, by comparison, compact and lighter. They will probably completely replace laptops once they get as powerful as a laptop.


                  How you use your tablet will all depend on what you want out of it. If you intend to share photos, for example, that's pretty easy to do with a tablet. (When I mentioned I could "share" my PS Touch project with my Wi-Fi printer, I could also share projects directly with social services such as Twitter or Facebook provided I had their respective apps installed.)


                  So, my question is, What do you want to do with your tablet?

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                    pbc1234 Level 1

                    Thanks for taking the time to help. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,

                    Android JB. I have the Note phone as well. The note and stylus is my

                    favorite tool ever. I have just about stoped using paper and pencil. I use

                    phone note during the day and sync to my tablet at night to continue

                    planning, making to dos and shopping lists. My nymber one purpose for any

                    pc/tablet is genealogy. I am a big user of Ancestry.com. The Galaxy lets me

                    play the Ancestry site like a piano. I cannot tell you how painful a mouse

                    or touch pad is on a clumsy web check-box page is. (The "go do it button is

                    ALWAYS off the visible page. Dn arrow 50 times.) But, then I find a key

                    piece of evidence. Note pen allows me to circle it (wow) and paste it to a

                    note page (double wow). Now I save it to share and keep a record. Where did

                    it go? What is it's name. How do I ever find it? Worse, genealogy is a

                    group effort and I need to email this to 3 friends searchibg the same

                    person. Just absolutely unable to write an email, paste in the image and

                    send it. Unable to open an email from the 3 friends and see the  record

                    they want to share. Unable! Worse yet I have photos that are 100 years old

                    and the available tools to scan, annotate and print is beyond belief. Scan

                    in Epson, save to wifi box, upload to cloud, down load to tablet using PS

                    Touch, add name and date, clean up a smudge, save to cloud, download to

                    Epson, print, pray that the image is worthy or do it all over again. I do

                    understand that I am using a tablet to do the work of a pc but then there

                    is that double wow experience of playing Ancestry like a piano and making

                    instant notes. I have been at this computer stuff since 1981, let myself

                    get rusty after retirement, but this Android thing reminds me of writing

                    print driver code back then. Two good things 1 I am convinced that Android

                    is the future with touch tablets and 2 you are the first and only person to

                    talk to me- so I have hope. I need the app name for filing and recalling

                    and the best email. Thank you very much. I can wait on PS Touch to solve

                    itself but not email and filing. (Need any genealogy help?)

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                      Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                      Let me first say that technology always involves a learning curve, which means you'll have to take some time to learn the ins and outs before even getting started with what you want to do.


                      Learning by doing has always been my mantra. That way, when a project comes my way, I'm ready and know what to do rather than stumbling through trying to get things done and getting frustrated along the way.


                      The Galaxy Note 10.1 is one of the few tablets to have stylus support so you have a leg up in that regard. It also has tools similar to, say, having Skitch from Evernote. I think you mentioned this in your last post where you're able to circle an item and save it to a note. How you go from there is learning how to get to that note. If the tool that the Note 10.1 uses is anything similar to Skitch, it'll save the note (which is actually a screenshot) to Android Gallery, where you can then share using the tool of choice--email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


                      If you intend to collaborate, then definitely consider a service such as Evernote (and get Skitch along with it). That way, you can aggregate and sort material to share with your collaborators. (You can share a whole notebook full of material, for example.) Evernote is free, as is Skitch but you can also sign up for a premium version (which includes doing things like accessing "notebooks" offline and allowing others to edit the notebooks that you share). Take note, as I said before, that even though it's a pretty straightforward process, learning the ins and outs of Evernote takes some time.

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                        pbc1234 Level 1

                        Thanks again. I need to find a forum just for the tablet. Most are for the

                        phone. Tablet is great. Apps are poor. Instructions unavailable. I am

                        begining to to see my way thru PS Touch and filing. Now need email app.

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                          pbc1234 Level 1

                          Am able to use Samsung Galaxy Tablet 95% and laptop 5%. Barely able to file

                          and email but get better every hour. Thanks for calming me down. If I leave

                          a critical remark here about Adobe will they see it?

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                            Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                            They read the posts here, for sure. If you have something to suggest, definitely create an idea. (The link's out in the main forum, upper right.)