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    Migrating from Director 12 - Replacement for Shockwave Real-Time 3D


      Hello folks,


      I'd like to hear from people who have developed extensively for Shockwave 3D (real-time 3D in the browser), but are migrating away from Shockwave 3D to another platform that provides real-time 3D in-the-browser.


      My concerns are these:


      1. Adobe Director appears to be dead or dying.
      2. Need to develop for real-time 3D in-the-browser.
      3. Application disassembly is a concern.
      4. Good manufacturer support is very important.
      5. Good community support and documentation are important.
      6. Strong and growing plugin installed-base is important.


      Unity3D appears to be the best contender, given that HTML5 WebGL is very attractive but still years from being mature.


      The problem with Unity3D is that app disassembly is apparently very easy.


      Your informed comments would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.