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    Mac PDF files look entirely different on PC


      I am designing som educational material in Word (version 14.0.2 ) on my Mac (OSX version 10.8.3 ). The document contains al lot of boxes and shapes with text in them. When i "print to PDF" from Word, the files look perfect on my Mac. But on all PCs I have tried, they are completely screwed up. Colors change, boxes and shapes move around and text jumps out of boxes.



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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          Two issues:

          First the version of Office2011 if yours is 14.0.2 its very seriouly out of date and it's wonder at all that its even working on Mountain Lion (OSX.8.3).

          Should be 14.3.2 to be completely up to date.


          Second issue don't eve use Save as PDF. all that is is a repackaged version of Apple PDF Creator. That is accessed from the Print menu.


          The proper way to create PDF's o a Mac using Acrobat X and XI and Lion (OSX.7.x) or Mountain Lion (OSX.8.x) is:


          1. Go to filem Menu > Print > PDF (hold down the PDF button until window opens) and choose Adobe pdf.  Follow directions as they come up.
          2. Or save document as .docx document. Locate the saved document
          3. Quit Word.
          4. drop the document on the icon of Acrobat in the Dock.
          5. wait (maybe up to several minutes)
          6. Document will open in Acrobat. as a Purely Acrobat Document.


          This method is similar to saving as Postscript file then droping on Distiller which created the PDF