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    How to use datamerge with variable lengths of text?

    VV Iris



      I'm looking for a way to automaticly format brochures from a database . I allready found out that datamerge lets you do this quite easily. But I encounter a problem when I use large amounts of text.


      How I see it, the only solution is to reserve enough space for the larges text in order to make all of the text appear in the document. But this leaves large open spaces and even blank pages in my document when I deal with less text.


      Is there a way to make the document adapt to the amount of text? So that Indesign creates more space for large amounts of text and erases blank pages when there is less text?


      Maybe Datamerge isn't the right solution for my problem, I'm open to suggestions.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I'm just finishing up a directory that I build with data merge and I have the problem of variable length business descriptions, as well as some have extra mailing addresses or websites. My solution is to do it in several steps with multiple files. I do a normal merge first (and I use a single record per page for this, but only bcause that allows me to create some alphabetical lists of business names and owners's names that I can key to a listing number), then I stitch together the individual stories into a single text thread that I copy/paste into place in the final document. If you have a lot of frames, Rorohiko.com has a nifty text stitch script that will help.


          One tip that helps with this method is to be sure you have a paragraph break at the end of each story so stiching the frames together maintains your paragraphs.

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