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    Scout connected with Flash Builder 4.7 but no/useless info




      I've a problem using Scout and I need some help here.

      I've Flash Builder 4.7 on windows 7,  AIR 3.6, Scout 1.0, an actionscirpt project with advanced telemetry enabled, launching in debug mode I can see the session opened in Scout with actionscript user package information, one graph on top, and that is. No messured time, no function calls, no nothing, just emty spaces and "-". Even no fps.


      If I disable the advanced telemetry, I don't even see my user packages information.

      I've tried the ScoutEnabler with my swf just in case, but it said already enabled.


      What should I do? My flash builder is in English, but Scout in French. If that's a problem, well, don't know what to say :-)


      Thanks in advance,