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    cq:page vs nt:unstructured for Products storing

    creative83 Level 1

      Requirement: I have product site and wanted to store 1000+ product information. I have two options:


      Options 1: User Builk import(default provided) and it creates nt:unstructred nodes and stores product information. Then, I will create one cq:page and on that I will iterate over the un:unstructed nodes to display.


      Adv: Bulk editor provides default nt:unstructed nodes. I do not have to create cq:pages for each page and dynamically using single page I will populate product information on that. eg. http://.././product.html?pid=123


      Dis adv.: I can not create versions of these using default workflow version feature. I have to write custom code to create version. I can not have impression how many times each product is created. Every time I wanted to display Product, I have to iterate over nt:unstructred nodes. 


      Option 2: I will create cq:page for each products.


      Adv: I can add worflow for version without any change. I will have all default properties like impression for product. To dispaly specific product information I do not have to iterate any nodes, can simpel directly display that page.


      Dis Adv : I will have cq:page created for each product.


      Question: So wanted to know Option 2, creates physical HTML files when I publish for each cq:page or at run time it dynamically just render and do not create HTML file. Does it make any performance issue if I have cq:pages or nt:unstructed for storing product information.