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    All  my pngs are corrupting

      Yesterday, I think Fireworks was updated through my adobe updater. I should have paid more attention, but I hit 'OK' and I think it updated Fireworks and Dreamweaver to Version 9.01. I finished this giant ping with all these complex graphics and rollovers and saved it and closed it. I went to open it later and I got 'unknown file type'. None of my backups would open except for one that Fireworks automatically saved the day before. I redid most of the work, using this older version and exported to DW...the graphics all exported fine but the HTML doc was just blank with some question marks. I closed the png, quit firefox, got the 'unknown file type' message again. So now I'd designed this png twice and lost it. I restarted. Still no luck. So I recreated it again. I didn't close it until I successfully got the page to DW. Now I discover that DW has lost all my sites in 'Manage Sites'! So I redo all the info for my ftp, etc for this particular site. I get the page done, close the png and just to check, try opening it and my backups and they're all 'unknow file type' errors!! What is going on???