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    pe4 video file types ?


      I'm new to video production (and understand very little about computers)

      I am using pe4 (most of what I do is trial and error)

      I have video from 3 cameras that I have imported into one project. They are different formats (file types?) and show differently on the preview screen and on the television when playing a practice disc i burned


      from my camera the files are  avi  and show as a normal picture filling the preview screen

      borrowed camera 1  files are  vob and show the picture as squashed filling the preview screen & making everything tall and skinny

      borrowed camera 2  files are  mpg and show the picture as normal but with a black area above and below picture in preview screen


      I can live with picture from my camera and camera 2

      But how do i change the camera 1 picture to normal and not squashed ?


      Ta Graham

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can not mix video types in version 4 of Premiere Elements. That was a feature added in version 11.


          Version 4 is actually kind of primitive. I think you'll find most of your issues go away if up use version 11 instead.


          (And, no, I do not work for Adobe and I don't make any money from your purchase. Your workflow just demands this upgrade.)


          Meantime, in the short-term, you can right-click on the squashed clip in your media panel and select Interpret Footage. Change the Pixel Aspect Ratio.


          This should solve your aspect ratio issue -- however, it won't resolve some of the other issues you'll see when you mix media from different cameras. In your output, for instance, you'll likely to see stutrrering or shakiness in some of  the video formats you've added.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            With PrE 4.0, and mixed footage, I would adopt a workflow such as this:


            1. Create a Project that matches the footage from each camera, as closely, as is possible, i.e. three separate Projects - one for each camera's footage. This step is VERY important, and if needed, use G-Spot, or MediaInfo (both free utilities) to gather the full details of each type of footage.
            2. Edit the material from each camera pretty loosely, i.e. not Trimming Clips too tightly, or adding any Transitions - you will do that later.
            3. Scale smaller material up to 720 x 480, if necessary.
            4. Export the Timeline from each Project to DV-AVI.
            5. Create a new Project, to match DV 720 x 480, and Import the DV-AVI files from the three previous Project into that.
            6. Edit tightly now, Trimming as needed, and adding Titles, Transition, etc., as required.


            Note that if any Scaling is reqired, the quality from that camera's footage will decline a bit, but still probably be OK.


            Good luck,



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              1958surferboy Level 1

              Trial and error

              I ended up doing this


              Rightclick      pic in Sceneline

              click              show properties  (couldn't find  Interpret Footage)

              click             motion

              untick           constrain proportions

              reduce          scale height (from 100 to 81.2)

              click             done


              haven't done disc yet so i don't know what it's going to look like on the TV when i play it


              wish me luck


              PS Instruction book mentions that it accepts lots of different files... I can't see that it says I can't mix them in one project

              (but theres lots of stuff NOT in the instruction book!  ....  at least it had one, it makes life a little easier)


              Thanks guys

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Looking in your Project Panel (where all Imported media is displayed for that Project), just Rt-click on any media file/Asset, and you will see Interpret Footage in that drop-down.


                Good luck,