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    pe4 picture in picture


      I'm using pe4

      If i have a clip that runs for 1 minute and I want to do a picture in picture with the overlayed clip being 1 min & 15 seconds

      How do I shorten a video clip so i can use just part of it (approx 30 seconds) as the overlay picture when doing picture in picture

      I can cut and delete the unwanted bits but how do i save and use the 30 second clip remaining ???


      Ta Graham

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You do that by trimming the video.


          Ta, do you have a basic understanding of the video editing process? If not, you should check out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorial series at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


          We don't have tutorials for version 4. That program is several years old and you won't find much support for it. However, you may find my book for version 2 helpful.


          And you can learn many of the basics with the tutorials for version 10 -- which is the closest we come to supporting this very old program.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve mentions, PrE 4.0 is a bit old, and though it was a departure from PrE 3.0's more PrPro-like GUI (Graphical User Interface - what we see in the program), did not see a lot of books, or tutorials. That said, basic tutorials and books, from other versions should be easy to interpolate from.


            For basic editing actions, such as Trimming a Video Clip, the process is the same, though the GUI might look slightly different.


            Steve's Basic Training Series (highly recommended), will step you through the necessary processes. About the only thing that stands out, as a big difference between PrE 4.0 and later, is that to output an AV file from the Timeline, one would go to the File>Export dropdown menu in PrE 4.0, where almost ALL of the output settings moved to the Share Tab in later versions - now called Publish+Share. If you run into little inconsistancies, such as that, just stop by and ask. Someone will be able to interpolate for you.


            I also believe that for PiP Presets (I do the PiP manually, so do not know the Presets well), I think that later versions added a few more options. So, if you come upon a tutorial that mentions PiP Presets, that PrE 4.0 does not have, then they were probably added in later versions.


            Good luck,



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