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    Locking different Sections of a document


      I have a requirement of locking certain sections of a document before it is sent to the customer. I have gone through the different posts and found ways to lock either fields that have data already captured, or the entire document. My problem is that all the fields in the specific sections that require to be made read only, won't all have been captured by the time the document is sent to the customer.


      The Form is created in Acrobat Pro X. I'm new to java scripting so would appreciate any help with sample code I can use.


      The sections that are to be made read only, will be completed in our workflow system, and then what I though of doing was to have a hidden radio button that workflow would tick, which would trigger the scrip to go and lock down the relevant sections of the document.


      Based on what I have seen, it would mean that I could use the following for each field to be made read only:


      getField("Text1").readonly = true;


      But doing this line by line for 50 + fields does not seem that efficient.