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    Premiere CS6 (Mac) 1 editor, 2 setups — Desktop & Laptop, workflow for seamless on the road editing?

    bubbadoonyc Level 1

      I'm an Avid and FCP user, occasional Premiere CS6 dabbler who has been granted a large project with DSLR footage. Hence, I'm going to give CS6 another solid shot.


      I own a recent MacPro tower.  I also own a 2011 Macbook Pro. Relatively speaking, they are both in the same (large) ballpark in terms of performance.


      Here's my situation:


      1) I edit 75% of the time on the desktop machine when I'm at the office.

      2) I edit on the road 25% of the time from my laptop.

      3) When at office, I want to edit on my desktop using the fast internal drives and fast graphics card.

      4) When on the road, I will be editing using an external Firewire 800 drive.


      So far, I understand that all the project edit media should be in the same relative filepaths between the desktop and laptop machines. And that I can relink to the footage after selecting the first offline clip. Once my project folder media is setup I won't be adding much new footage other than the occasional still or animation/lower third.


      So my next question is, what are the proper settings for Cache, Scratch, Auto-save, etc in Premiere so that I can completely, seamlessly edit on the road and then — by opening up the Project File — continue editing on my desktop in a fairly turnkey way?


      In a former incarnation (with Final Cut Pro 7) I would've used Dropbox to keep things the project file itself in sync. And then I would manually move over and any new incremental render files. That was a bit clumsy but it worked well enough for my purposes.


      Forgive me if this is a FAQ, but I checked the archives and saw similar questions to this but nothing that's exactly in this wheelbarrow.  (There was something more relevant to Windows users.)


      Thanks everyone in advance for your help.