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    Best Practice for Launching Internal Training?


      Hello.  I have a series of 12-20 internal trainings that employees are required to take when they start with our company, and some of the trainings are required every year for different groups around the company.  So, I have these 20 pieces of content built, and currently had just one Training set-up for each, and would launch that same link to folks everytime I needed to.  More and more start/stop times on these are all over the place.  I may have Sally and Tom starting the trainings this week and they have 3 weeks to complete, but in a week - I could need Harry to take only 2 of the trainings, and he will have a 1 week window.  Using just that one training link negates my ability to be able to set open/close dates - set reminders within the system...


      So, my question is for those of you that run this type of program - do you set-up a new training each time you launch a piece of content out to folks?  I feel like this could get messy quickly, and cause the need for me to run a ton of reports.  Am I missing an easier way to do this?


      Thank you.

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          Apologizes for the late reply on this; have you considered setting up new training courses for each piece of content? This to me would seem to be much easier to manage. You could then setup new versions of the course for each year (month, etc..) they are required. A little bit of extra work at the start but easier in the long run. Keeping the same course for multiple pieces of content is a tricky practice and is generally not recommended. For example, what if Sally needed to take your Course with Content A at the start of the year, then Content B at the later half, using the same course? You would have to reset Sally's training transcript in order for her to retake the course, and she would lose that transcript data.


          If you want a single point of reference for all your training courses, you could consider using the Connect Training Catalog, or developing your own using the Connect APIs.


          Hope this helps!