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    ant mxmlc flex 3

      Hey guys,

      I have set up Ant mxmlc task to compile my application perfectly on Flex 2 SDK.

      But when I switch to Flex SDK 3 beta 2 I get

      [mxmlc] command line: Error: unknown configuration variable 'licenses.license fds XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX'
      and then
      [mxmlc] command line: Error: unknown configuration variable 'compiler.source-path mypath'

      <mxmlc file="${flex.main.file}" keep-generated-actionscript="false"
      use-network="true" output="${flex.output.file}"
      as3="true" es="false"
      benchmark="true" debug="${flex.compile.debug.mode}"
      optimize="true" services="${file.flex.services.conf}"
      context-root="/mypath" strict="true" >

      <license product="fds" serial-number="${fds.lic.key}" />
      <license product="charting" serial-number="${charting.lic.key}" />

      Please help me out.