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    How do I get PremierePro CS6 to talk with Blackmagic card for HDMI output?


      I recently upgraded my MacPro from CS5 to CS6.  I primarily work with Premiere Pro but also with PhotoShop and Sound Booth.  Previousely, my HDMI monitor worked with CS5 but the playback settings in CS6 only had the Adobe Default Player as an option and it would not show the Blackmagic card as an option.  I upgraded my Blackmagic software to the most recent version (9.7) but that didn't work either.  After the Blackmagic upgrade the HDMI signal in the CS5 PremierePro version (still installed and in use) ceased to operate. Subsequently, the MacOS was also upgraded from 10.7.5 to 10.8.3 but no change in outcome.  I have checked all mechanical connections.


      My platform specs are:


      MacPro (Early 2009)

      OS 10.8.3

      Processor:  2x2.66 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon

      Memory:  12 BG, 1066 MHz DDR3

      Dual screen Apple display


      Blackmagic output settings (9.7) :  All Video, 4 Analog Audio & 2AES/EBU  (NTSC)


      My question is how do I get PremierePro to talk with the Blackmagic card?