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    How can I get my favicon back?

    John D 67995437 Level 1

      In an attempt to "clean out" some apparently unused javascript from my help topics, my boss asked me to generate my webhelp with the two check boxes "Section 508 Compliant Output" and "W3C Compliant Topics" selected. Foolishly, I agreed. The result had no effect on the javascript but did set my custom skin to Traditional Style and displayed the IE favicon instead of our custom logo.


      I have unselected the two check boxes and selected my skin again, but I cannot get my favicon to reappear.


      The whstart.ico in the Webhelp folder is the same icon as previously.


      I pasted a previous version of the start topic back into the Webhelp folder. The javascript at the top of page seems to be correct. It is



      <script language="javascript">
      var sIcon="whstart.ico";
      var sPath=document.location.href;
      if (sPath.indexOf("http")!= -1)
      document.write("<link REL=\"SHORTCUT ICON\" href=\""+ sIcon +"\">");
      <title>Sopheon Accolade Help</title>

      <meta name="generator" content="Adobe RoboHelp 8" />
      <meta name="description" content="WebHelp 5.50" />



      And the whstart.ico is still the correct one in the installation folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2\Adobe RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_skin


      Does anyone have any other ideas of what I might need to do to get the favicon to come back?


      I just thought of restarting RoboHelp and clearing IEs cache and restarting it but didn't want to lose this post. Will comment later if those steps don't help. (These steps didn't help either.)


      Meanwhile, if I have missed something else, please advise.




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