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    Solid Green Clips

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      I have a project that was edited in 5.5.  The entire project resides on an external USB drive.

      I took the drive and connected it to my system running 6.0

      First problem is it gives me the message, "Scratch Disk Write Protected or Unavailable"

      So I plug the drive back into the 5.5 system, call up the project and change all settings for cache and scratch disk to be on the USB drive thinking that would fix that.

      It did not and I still have that message pop up every time I open the project on the 6.0 system, whether I open it on the USB drive or from my internal raid W:  (where I copied it)


      Premiere 6.0 will open it after doing the necessary conversions and writing a new sequence so the original sequence is not changed.


      Timeline consists of 3 video tracks and 3 audio tracks.  Track 1 has P2 footage and all is fine there except for the one .AVI clip that resides there.  Track 2 has .AVI files from a DSLR with a B/W filter applied.  Track 3 is titles.


      Track 3 is fine. All titles are found.


      Track 2 shows clips as SOLID GREEN frames w/correct clip titles.  The B/W filter on the clips is still intact as when played they show as solid grey clips.  The original .AVI files are confirmed to be in the original DSLR directory where they were placed.


      If I take the USB drive and reinstall it on my 5.5 system, everything shows up where it is supposed to.  But I really need to get this project working on the new system as it is so much faster.


      If I change the logical drive letter on the 6.0 system to match the 5.5 system after the project is loaded, ALL the clips including the SOLID GREEN CLIPS show "Media Offline".  That leads me to believe that the sequence knows where the clips are and shows them offline instead of maintaining them as SOLID GREEN clips in the timeline.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I have spent several hours researching this on this and other forums and haven't found a solution that works.