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    Should I return my 7970m for a GTX670/675?

    Understated_ Level 1

      I just bought a new notebook with an AMD7970. I made this choice because its performance on Photoshop is better than the GTX cards (I think) and I know that Adobe is working on OpenCL support for Windows (I hope).


      But now that I'm doing some video on Premiere with the 7970, the lack of MPE is kinda brutal. I don't know how long I can wait for Adobe to come out with support. Are there any more updates/news on when/if Adobe will be supporting OpenCL? Would it be with CS6.5 this spring, or CS7 in 2014?


      Just wanted to get some of your opinions... Since I'm within 30 days I can still return and exchange for one of the Nvidia cards. (I just have to pay shipping doh!). Would you guys do this? And which one is better performance on Premiere, the GTX 670 or 675?


      Thanks in advance!