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    Text Changing?

    ParreLaws Level 1

      Is there a way in InDesign to mark and/or link text so when you change it in one place it changes in all other places in the document where the text is marked in that manner? Example: I have a brochure that the company names changes.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use a Text Variable

          Type>Text Variable>Define

          Use a custom one, then use Insert Variable in the text.


          You place a linked story (this is text frame only and not middle of paragraph)

          Select the Frame and choose Edit>Place Linked Story

          The text now appears as link in the Links Panel - and if you update the first instance it asks you to update all instances


          You could use Find Change to do it

          Simply select the company name and copy it




          Change to

          <insert new company>

          Change All

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            ParreLaws Level 1

            Thank you every much, the Text Variable/linked story is just what I looking.