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    Highlight Alphas in Datagrid Header?

    Haravikk the Horse Level 1
      Been playing with Flex components to try and get a good look and feel, however I've hit one snag; datagrid headers don't look how I want!

      For accordion headers, buttons and all manner of other objects it is possible to specify a "Highlight Alphas" value. A value of "0.5, 0.5" gives a nice highlight of the top 50% of the button/header with no softening (ie the division is a hard line).

      This looks great. However, the data-grid header doesn't seem to support it!

      I'm wondering therefore, is there a way to achieve or enable the highlight alphas effect on data-grid headers? I find the plain gradient looks incredibly ugly, and it's just not very nice to have one element in a style looking inconsistent.