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    This may be a silly question; permissions to run AIR.

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I am prototyping some functionality and want to use a commandline call to launch an AIR app. This is fine and dandy... does everything I want.




      I want to call that functionality via PHP eg:



      $cmd = $pathToAirApp . " " . $escapedCommandLineArguments;

      $returnvar = "unset";

      $output = array();




      And _that_ doesn't work.


      What I am seeing is $returnvar set to 5 which... I think... means "Access is denied" as per this; http://www.hiteksoftware.com/knowledge/articles/049.htm




      Is there any way I can grant the appropriate permissions to allow AIR to run in this way or am I just doing something irredeemably stupid and insecure that is being blocked to protect me from myself?



      ps: I know what I am sending is good because I can output the $cmd value as a .bat file and run that manually. (And, no, it doesn't work to exec() the bat file instead of the command line - it still gives $returnvar = 5;)