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    Need Index Entries to open some topics in a New Window

      I use RoboHelp X6 for HTML to create merged WebHelp.
      Currently, all indexed items launch in the same IE window with Windows Journal Viewer. When I have selected “New Window” in the Advanced tab of the Index Keyword Properties window, this has no effect.
      IT at my company has installed Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer on all PCs deployed for the past few years and it can not be modified or removed. IT will not consider going forward without it for security reasons.
      Objects opened from a link in a RoboHelp topic open in a new window in the document's application but the indexed links open the content in IE and changes to the forms can not be saved by the users unless they save the form to their desktops prior to making changes.
      How can I modify the index to open selected indexed items to launch applications in Word, Excel, Power Point etc in a new window instead?