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    "Max simultaneous tempalate requests" is shown as "-1", set and restart yields unstable server

    henrylearn2rock Level 1

      cf9 request tuning.png

      After CHF4 applied to CF901 (standard) and updated to run JRE7 on Windows server 2008, "Max simultaneous tempalate requests" is shown as "-1". 


      We checked the neo-runtime.xml and all of the limits look normal.  We have no idea where does that "-1" come from.


      We try setting it to a sensible value (i.e. 25) and then restart, and the CF server becomes very unstable.  We couldn't even log into CF Administrator.  The other live CF site would go down for a few minutes, and up again for the next few minutes.  CPU activity is close to 0, RAM usage is stable.  CF server logs shows nothing wrong, but http log did not get requests from IIS when it's down.


      What's wrong?


      Bug report filed: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3528480