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    Unused File Report not finding unused files


      Hi -


      I'm using RoboHelp 9 ( When I run the Unused File Report, it is not finding image files that I know are not used.


      I'm working with several help projects that were created in an earliler version of RH (perhaps X5) and within the last year, I upgraded them to RH9. There is a separate folder for Images. From Windows Explorer:



      When I run the Unused Files Report and select All Folders or Top Level Folder, I get the same results -- no image files I'm expecting. The path for the report is one level above (i.e., Online Help) the folders in the previous image.


      In the Project Manager view, the Images folder only includes a handful of images included in my project. The images in the Project Manager Images folder are located in the root folder, not the Images folder.

      project manager.jpg

      What do I need to do to have the Unused Files Report also search the Images folder included in the project?


      Thanks for your help.