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    another x5 to 7 question

      Hello, All,

      I see some posts out here re migrating to RH7, but I was hoping for some specific clarification re compatibility and other issues.

      I currently use RH x5 for .NET. A new writer has come on board and needs RH.

      Q1. RH7 does not allow you to save files to be compatible with RH x5 for .net, is that correct? Or IOW--since the Adobe sales person says that x5 is no longer sold--my new tech writer and I will both need to run RH7, since we can't be running two different versions?

      Q2. Are there any known issues with migrating from x5 for .NET to RH7? Issues with existing files or operability? I've seen a few comments about RH6 issues, but perhaps RH7 resolved some of those?

      Many thanks for clarifying!