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    AE is Garbling Some Frames During Export

    Day 4 Media

      I am exporting:

      • 640x480 Composition
      • "best setting"
      • "lossless" (with audio)
      • .avi


      I am running:

      • Lenovo Y470
      • Intel i7-2670QM Quad-core
      • 8MB RAM
      • ATI Radeon HD 7690M


      Most of the video renders correctly, except for 5-7 frames. They are single frames and typically appear in the last 30 seconds of the rendered file. This is what it looks like:

      AE Render Problems Example 2.jpg

      AE Render Problem Example 1.jpg

      AE Render Problems Example 3.jpg

      AE Render Problems Example 5.jpg


      The strangest thing is that these frames are garbled with frames from another AE project I worked on over a month ago.


      I did recently clear my AE disk cache because I wanted to try using another storage device. Other than that, I have not done anything out of the ordinary. I have had garbled frames once of twice in the past but they were only when I was trying to do too many things at once on my computer while AE was rendering a ray-traced composition. I would re-render and they would turn out fine. Plus, they were never frames from another project.


      Things I have tried:

      • Restarting AE
      • Restrating my computer
      • Clearing the disk cache
      • Moving the disk cache to another folder
      • Moving the disk cache to a USB3.0 flash drive


      I have rendered the composition at least 4 times and have had similar results.


      Thanks for the help - I am bewildered. (And I can't get any work done!)