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    Learner Result Access/Reports??


      Hello All,


      Here is what I am looking for.


      I have various quizzes and curriculums in play. My stakeholders need results, and I generally use the reports tab to pull the reports. However I would like to be able to allow the stakeholders a way to sign into Central so they can pull their own reports...WITHOUT giving them access to the Training Managers group.


      In essence I want them to be able to look at the results but not have access to any of the create course, content options that come with the Training Manager access.


      I want to lock them into the curriculum/learner reporting modules of the report tab...is there way to selectively enable them?


      I have tried to set up a group for each quiz/curriculm figuring I could assign the manager and allow them to pull via the Manager Report option...but I can not see a way to assign a manager to a group...only to a specific individual.


      Any Ideas?


      Thank you,


      (Adobe Connect 9)