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    Where is the javascript?

    JADarnell Level 1

      Hello all:


         I am just beginning to learn Javascript for Acrobat and I am having a very fundamental problem.  According to the documentation I have (for an older version of Acrobat, for which I apologize) I am told that Javascripts outside a PDF should be placed in the "User" or "App" folders. 


         I am working on a Windows machine and attempting to implement the above description. I assumed that the "App folder" was the Adobe application folder where the Acrobat.exe file is stored, and indeed there is a "Javascripts folder" in the Acrobat 8 folder under Program Files\Adobe.  But when I put a .js file in that folder and then call up the Javascript editor, the script is not found in it.


      So where really do I put Javascripts outside of the PDF?