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    Possible to set a background color on a single line of text?


      Hello, I'm a beginner at InDesign and I'm trying to make a simple template which should look something like this:

      Skärmavbild 2013-03-22 kl. 21.05.51.png

      Now the headlines are separate textboxes with a background color assigned to them. Is it possible to create a similar effect as a style (100% width with a background color)? Now you have to copy/paste a textbox each time you need a headline. If you add/remove some text from the body, you'll have to move everything around manually. I want to type all the text in a single textbox with headlines, but I want the headlines to look like in the picture above. I have tried to create a style, but I can't find a background color-property, or I'm looking at the wrong settings. I'm using CS6.