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    Quiz Navigation Warning: "Un-attempted questions"

    namedujour Level 1

      I'm creating my  first Presenter 8 quiz. Each time I preview it, I encounter errors and functionality that can't be right, so I'm wondering if my settings are off, and what I should do.  I've set everything up to advance manually.


      When I answer a question incorrectly and then "click anywhere" to continue, I get the following error:



      When you click No, the error goes away, and you have to manually advance to the next slide. Then it continues on until I answer another question incorrectly. When you click Yes, the quiz goes away. I really suspect it wasn't designed to do all that.


      • What did I do to cause this?
      • What is supposed to REALLY happen when you answer a question incorrectly?
      • Why did this happen earlier when I answered questions correctly? There was nothing "unattempted" - I ended up having to remove the slides that created the error in order to advance through the whole quiz.


      Thanks much!