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    Adobe Edge, multiple computers

    CMosqueda Level 1

      I am paying for Adobe Inspect on my account in order to have multiple devices running at once to inspect. 

      If I have it on multiple computers, i.e. Home and Work. If I log in to the application, does it work on more than one computer or do I have to use the same computer every time? 


      I have tried on my work network, I am on the same network on 2 different computers, one on a wirless network and one on a wired network, and can not get my IP to work. The devices is not connecting.


      The application is running, the Chrome plug in is running, and the most recent update is on my devices and running.

      When I try to enter my IP address, the devices is unable to connect.


      I have Windows Firewall turned off, but of course we have McAfee, but McAfee has been turned on for a while now and it seems to have been working before.  I checked the port 7682 using 'netstat' I get a cc: 7682.  Does that mean the port is in use? or am I using it already?


      Little confused.


      Any other suggestions?



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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          There is no limit to the number of computers you can have Edge Inspect installed on. With the paid version though, you can only be signed into one computer at a time to be able to use multiple devices. If you move from computer to computer and sign into each, there should be no problem using the currently signed-in computer with multiple devices.


          The most likely explanation for your issue is the one you've already looked into, that either some other app is using port 7682 or that port 7682 is blocked. Try closing Chrome and running that netstat check again. If you still see the same thing, then some other application is using the port we need. Try closing all other open apps and then do your check again. You might even try starting windows in safe mode and see if the port is still in use.


          The other possible that your work network is blocking communication across port 7682, especially if your computer & devices are on two different networks. Check with your IT dept on that.


          Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions,