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    Is there a way to posterize and limit an image to 3 spots?

    cmscss Level 1

      Hi There,


      I need to turn a B&W photo into screen print art without using a line screen (just block colours) - essentially I'm creating a 3 colour black and white images using:

      - PANTONE 4625 C

      - PANTONE Warm Gray 6 C

      - PANTONE Warm Gray 1 C


      Using a bunch of techniques (unsharp mask, tritone and posterize) I have line art that looks  great with a posterize level of 4. But I've noticed that Photoshop is using my Tritone colours to mix itself an extra tone - and if I switch to a level of 3, Photoshop chooses to remove the level that PANTONE Warm Gray 1 C uses which deletes all the highlight detail.


      Is there a way I can specify colours that Posterize  uses?


      Or is there a different approch I can use to split the tones into the ones in the Tritone?


      I've tried playing with the curves in the Tritone window to try and influence the colours photoshop uses (so no colour mixing) but maybe I need to somehow save the Tritone layers into the channels pallate?


      Just not sure how best to approach this - any help would be much apprciated.