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    javascript works in Acrobat Pro but not in Reader




      I have created a form in Acrobat Pro that works fine in Pro and seems to work in reader. However, when I open it on the site and it loads up in the browser window the form then messes up when it gets to any one of these 2 scripts:


      var a=this.getField("Parking Passes")


      if (a.value>=1)






      var a=this.getField("Additional Passes")


      if (a.value>8)

      {event.value= (a.value-8)*25}

      else {event.value="0"}


      After one of these scripts is processed then the field for script 2. (a total of this script) is summed with other fields and the total field goes to only the amount of the script 2. field. What can I do to fix this. It seems to work outside of the browser when I open it in reader or acrobat pro but never in the browser window?


      Thank you!