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    Difference between DEACTIVATE and ACTIVATE replication Types.

    Ram Atmakur

      Hi All,

            Replication agent can handle Deactivate and delete pages/nodes etc. I am trying to find what the difference between the two if I use the replication agent directly in the java code to deactivate/delete some content. I was under the impression that Deactivate mandates that the path should present on the source/author instance so that replication agent marks that page as deactivated and proceeds with the delete on the destination. And similarly delete deletes the page on the destination with no respect to the state of the page/node on the source. But that does not seem to be the case. If I use the replication agent directly in java code to deactivate the page i dont see the staus changing on the page ( the usual red dot) to indicate deactivate page but on the target the source gets deleted. Also found that any node can be deactivated (which internally deletes)


      So,  why we have two replication agent types which almost same behavior?

      NOTE: I am using 5.4. If you see anything different on 5.5/5.6 let me know.