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    HELP--Camera Raw 7.1 not coming up.

    birgit 1

      I installed PSCS6 on my MacbookPro/OS10.8.3 (Mountain Lion).  I expect Camera Raw 7.1 window to come up when importing an image.  It does not.  I performed PS update.  Still no Camera Raw.  I attempted to install from Adobe download, I got this message: 

      Photoshop Camera Raw 7.1

      Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7


      I have no idea what the error code means.


      Photoshop is of no use to me w/o Camera Raw.  I do not understand why it does not come up.  I was able to make CR preferences...but the window does not appear.  If anyone can be of help, I would appreciate it.  BTW, I installed and uninstalled and reinstalled...still with no Camera Raw 7.1.  I have been using PS since PS4....never have had problems like this.