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    Photoshop CS6 crashes with nVidia OpenGL Error Code:3

    DarvinAtkeson Level 1

      CS6 64 bit is crashing from time to time with the nVidia OpenGL Error Code:3.  


      It most often occurs when waking the system if it entered sleep mode while Photoshop was running but I also get it without entering sleep mode and it doesn't happen every time which makes troubleshooting a problem.   I have to go in and kill the Photoshop.exe process as it remains running and prevents relaunching the program.    Fortunately in most cases I can recover the file due to the autosave feature but that just depends on when the problem happens.


      I have installed the latest nVidia GeForce 8800 drivers without resoltuion.


      I'd been using CS6 for some time before the crashes started and have rebuilt the system since they started.   Before rebuilding the system I mainly used 32 bit but am now using 64 bit exclusively.    It may have also started after a nVidia update that was carried in Windows 7 updates.    I have changed out the graphcis card with anohter 8800 so am sure it's a software issue. 

      If anyone has run in to this, I could really use some help resolving it.  


      Darvin Atkeson