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    Hosting Flex Application


      I have a web site which is capable of hosting .net application. I was wondering if I can integrate flex and .net web services on this hosting plan. In short do I have to look for some hosting sites where I can get flex support or it will work fine with what I have currently ?
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          JKohn99 Level 1
          Unless you are using Flex Data Services or some other server side component you don't need anything on your web site specific for Flex. All you need to is copy the swf and wrapper html files to your web site and you're in business. Make sure you test your flex apps deployed to a web server (as opposed to running in Flex Builder) to make sure you don't have any security issues.
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            Spycode Level 1
            Thanks JKohn.

            I might go for data services like .net web services. What in that case ?
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              I have the same issue. I have been looking for some place to host a flex website which uses livecycle dataservices and till now I have been coming up with zilch!

              No matter how great the environment is, the product will definitely fail if you can not host it anywhere!

              Waiting for a solution
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                fahad@lums Level 1
                Follow up of that question:

                Will I need the data service for feeding data to my swf file through:

                1. webservice
                2. HTTPService

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                  you don't need the flex dataservices to host flex. where i work, we have a number of flex apps, all of them with very dynamic data requirements, and we do not use flex dataservices.

                  mostly we use URLLoader objects to get our data, since we're actually using a custom binary protocol.

                  but if we could use the other service classes, such as HTTPService, if we were doing other stuff. i haven't looked to much into those. i think the Remote classes are the ones that use Flex DataServices.

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                    dazweeja Level 1
                    You only need LiveCycle if you want to use RemoteObject. If you're happpy passing XML back and forth you can use any backend you like without requiring LiveCycle.

                    RemoteObject is cool (transferring typed objects back and forth in binary AMF format) though so I use Flex and PHP with free software such as SabreAMF and AMFPHP. You could use just about any of the major hosting companies with this setup.

                    If you're using .Net, then WebORB has a free standard edition that replicates the core functionality of LiveCycle and also some commercial editions that add a lot of other features. They also have Java, PHP and Ruby versions as well so there's actually plenty of options for using Flex in the hosting environment of your choice.